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Our Shelties
Pups born from Sheltie luv


Sheltie Gang 2013

Welcome to Sheltieluv.  We have recently moved on 12 acres out in the country (located at Hungarytown Road in Blackstone, Va), built a new kennel to comfortably house our shelties .  They also have several large fenced yards to run and play with covered upstair decks and sidewalks to relax on.  Our neighbor asked what does "Sheltieluv" mean?  I said if you ever had one, you'd know.

They delight us with unconditional love and outstanding beauty.  Most of our shelties have champion in their bloodlines and are too smart for their britches at times.  We're asked occaisionally if we show our shelties.  I say no, they 'show' us.  We LUV our kids!

So for sheltie's sake let's get on with the pics!
I am having MAJOR PROBLEMS with this website, trying to edit and add pics. I have created another website and need to direct everyone there: See more info on this website :  CLICK HERE:
  NO PUPPIES AVAILABLE at this TIME; Expecting a new litter in November 2015, please check the "weebly" site shown above for more info and pictures. call 434-292-1282 or EMAIL (click here:)   Thank you for visiting my site!!!